Equipping students for IT and Education Jobs

Mission: Ignite’s Internship Program equips students with foundational technical and employability skills needed to succeed in IT jobs and education jobs. These competitive, challenging, and highly valued positions play a vital role in Mission: Ignite’s organizational health and come with added benefits.

Learn how to fix computers from start to finish through our IT internship training. Each internship lasts 3-12 months with an option to renew afterwards. Due to the nature of these volunteer activities, we ask that applicants be at least 15 years of age.

Why should I enroll in a Mission: Ignite internship?

Our IT and education internships are designed to provide you with a competitive edge on the job market. As an AmeriCorps intern, you’ll receive:

  • Stipend/Living Allowance 
  • Education award after completion 
  • Job skills training and professional feedback
  • Letters of reference for your job search
  • A free desktop computer or laptop
  • 20% discount at The Mission: Ignite Store

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