Our Programs

We believe in providing an equal opportunity for all; helping to level the playing field through training and access to technology. Sixty percent of America’s jobs require technical skills. A lack of computer access and technology training has left many without the necessary experience to succeed in higher education or employment. MISSION:IGNITE aims to eliminate these obstacles.


Runway Robots

Digital Learning Lab

Coding Club




Mobile sTEAM LAB

A complement of interactive learning experiences centered around science, technology, engineering and math infused with the creativity of the arts.  By aligning with current educational standards, concepts are brought to life for students 4th - 12th grade.

REbuild it

Hands-on computer hardware training that allows a student to tear a desktop down and put it back together.  Basics in internet safety and operating systems are also taught.  Student completing the course take home a computer. Grades 5th - 12th.

Digital Learning LAB

Online learning led by an experienced trainer.  Topics range from STEM and Finances to Coding and Career Exploration.  Available for students 4th - 12th grade.

school to home

Basic training in computer hardware, software and internet connectivity for students and their parents.  A desktop computer is provided for the home upon completion and directions on affordable internet options.  Any 3 household members willing to learn can participate.


3rd Annual WNY Brain Challenge

Students design and build a Rube Goldberg Machine, an over-engineered machine or contraption that uses the principles of engineering, physics, math and creative design to perform a simple task- to ZIP A ZIPPER!