Mission: Ignite and Jewish Family Services of WNY Distributing Laptops to Afghan Evacuees

March 25, 2022

Six months into the efforts to welcome and resettle more than 150 Afghan evacuees, JFS of Western New York looks to expand its support services by offering computers and digital training. JFS reached out to Mission: Ignite to help source laptops needed to complete their program.

“This is a wonderful example of how this program aligns with our mission to help fellow agencies for the greater good and how our Western New York Community comes together to help those in need. We are proud to be working with Jewish Family Services to help tackle digital inequity head-on throughout the region,” said Christine Carr-Barmasse, Executive Director of Mission: Ignite.

The computers, expected to be delivered in two shipments of 50 each, will be prepared for use with the assistance of JFS volunteers, who will then deliver and train the families. Internet connectivity will also be coordinated by JFS. The computers will support activities related to health and wellness, social service support systems, English as a new language, and employment. In a world driven by technology for everything from social services support, healthcare, education, to employment searches, English as anew language, this technology will be a promising resource for these new Western New Yorkers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mission: Ignite on this project and they are helping us to ensure that these new neighbors have the tools to succeed as they rebuild their lives,” said JFS CEO Molly S. Carr, Ph.D., adding that “the ability for them to connect to everyday services that we all expect to have access to and enjoy is critical in today’s world and critical for their acclimation to American life.”

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