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What is Tech 360?

Tech 360 is the culmination of Mission: Ignite's over 26 years of experience in technology refurbishment and training. Through our Tech 360 program, we provide capacity-building solutions in partnership with community organizations to provide computer skills training to those in need.

At Mission: Ignite, we're all about bridging the digital divide and coming alongside community workers. We use our AmeriCorps program, refurbished technology, and dedicated team of community changers to create a customized solution for partner communities that best serve their populations.

Tech 360 provides training opportunities for participants specializing in computer basics to work readiness skills. Upon completion of the six training hours, participants receive a free computer!

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A Tech 360 partnership is a great opportunity for community organizations looking for a capacity building solution to provide digital skills training to their community.

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Mission: Ignite is looking to resource community organizations with capacity building solutions to provide digital skills training across New York State. Our Tech 360 program creates a customized technology solution for your community to increase your impact. If you’re looking to bridge the digital divide and improve the lives of your community with technology, we’re the partner for you!

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Program Participant Forms:

1. Program Application Form

Northstar Preassessment (Make sure this is set to location K89J or use the following link, participants can use just their first and last name with no account) tps://

(Site-Specific Entrance Forms, if any)

4. Northstar Postassessment

5. Program Completion Form:

(Site-Specific Exit Forms, if any)

Why Digital Literacy?

According to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, lack of access to digital training is a barrier to adoption which leads to opportunity gaps. A lack of digital literacy shows up disproportionately in vulnerable communities. This lack of digital literacy then compounds the existing challenges faced by vulnerable communities.

Additionally, 50% of low-income families lack sufficient devices at home to access digital learning. Mission: Ignite address this by providing refurbished devices for free as part of its programs.

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