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Become an AmeriCorps volunteer focusing on technology, education, or community service support for 3 -12 months. Participants receive a living stipend and earn an education award based on number of hours served.

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Current AmeriCorps Opportunities 

Leadership Positions (full time)

Education and Workforce Development Leader

Oversee other AmeriCorps members, ensuring a consistent schedule of service to the community. Establish and oversee the training regimen and develop and maintain relationships with organizational partners and their instruction sites.

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Group Leader

Oversee AmeriCorps members to deliver programming, including multi-site educational and workforce development programs. Maintain communication among staff, sites, students, and families. Manage site staffing and schedules.

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Tech Support Leader

Oversee AmeriCorps members to deliver technical support and customer service. Develop and implement strategy as directed by leadership. Improve the technical support systems to meet clients’ needs in better ways.

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Talent Development Leader

Analyze training needs to develop new programs or modify and improve existing programs. Plan, develop, and provide training and staff development programs.

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Outreach Coordinator

Provide excellent customer and beneficiary service. Identify and reach out to target populations that could most benefit from Mission: Ignite’s programs and services. Develop and implement strategy as directed by leadership.

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Regular Positions (half time)

Technology Specialist

The Technology Specialist works alongside learners in rebuilding computers, providing technical support, and assisting in providing computers to the community.
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STEM Education Specialist

Our STEM Education Specialist guides students through a framework to ignite their interest in future careers and equip them for new job opportunities.
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Equipping students for IT and Education Jobs

Mission: Ignite’s internship and AmeriCorps programs equip students with foundational technical and employability skills needed to succeed in IT jobs and education jobs. These competitive, challenging, and highly valued positions play a vital role in Mission: Ignite’s organizational health and come with added benefits. All the roles below can be served in a volunteer or internship capacity for high school or college age students.

Why should I enroll in a Mission: Ignite internship?

Our technology, education, and community service roles are designed to provide a meaningful and skill building experience, providing a competitive edge on the job market. As an intern, you’ll receive:

  • Job skills training and professional feedback
  • Letters of reference for your job search
  • A free desktop computer or laptop
  • 20% discount at the Mission: Ignite store

Work-Based Learning Program

(for 15 – 17 year olds)

Our work-based learning program equips students with the basic technical and employment  skills needed to succeed in future careers. Jobs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are in high demand, and our program lays the foundation for future success. Learn how to fix computers from start to finish through our work-based learning program.


  • working papers
  • parental permission
  • application and interview

Buffalo Technology Internship Program

(for 18 years and up)

Learn how to fix computers from start to finish through this technology internship. Mission: Ignite’s internship program is an adult-focused workforce development pathway, equipping participants with skills for the future.


  • submit application
  • interview
  • background check

WNY Tech Skills Initiative

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mission: Ignite has joined a regional coalition of partners in launching the WNY Tech Skills Initiative, a free reskilling/upskilling initiative to help Western New Yorkers develop marketable tech and digital skills. Workshops and classes will be a mix of self-led & instructor-led material, are 100% virtual. For those interested in visit their site or text “skills” to 716-710-6901.

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