Tech Wars at ECC 2024

May 17, 2024

On Tuesday, Erie Community College played host to over 750 students, all brought together from different schools to compete in Tech Wars 2024. Students showed off their STEM skills in a variety of events from robotics battles to boat races to mechanical design. Some students put months of work into their projects, and they finally got to see the fruits of all that effort.

Edward Hayes, a retired teacher and co-creator of Tech Wars described the gathering as a unique and exciting opportunity for students interested in technology: “Forty schools have been involved over the years. We get these kids fired up about technology! By bringing everybody together like this, they get the chance to see what other people are doing and it opens doors for new experiences.”

One of the great things about Tech Wars is that it appeals to students who want to approach technology as a career opportunities. Caleb O. is a sophomore at Tonawanda High School who competed in the King of the Hill robotics event, and he’s interested in doing just that. “I’m into robotics and kind of newish, but in the future, I’d like to go into engineering.”

At the same time, Tech Wars creates an exciting spirit that allows for less-invested students to still participate. “I feel like robotics is mostly a hobby,” said Alexander S. A sophomore at Canisius High School, he’s in it just for the enjoyment. “I probably won’t pursue a career in it, but it’s still a lot of fun!”

Some students, like Christopher A. and Cole B., ended up learning entirely new skills in order to compete. Hailing from Springville-Griffith Institute, the pair worked hard to create a 3D display. “It was quite a challenging project,” said Christopher, “but eventually everything fell into place. Very little was done by hand, instead we used a laser rig for most of the construction.” Their hard work paid off, as they went on to win first place in their event.

It’s clear that Tech Wars has enabled students to grow in their mechanical talents and pursue their passion for technology. Mission: Ignite is proud to partner with ECC, OneBridge Benefits, M&T Bank, and Seneca Holdings. involved with putting on Tech Wars. We look forward to Tech Wars 2025 and all the contributions from next year’s students!

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