Project Overcome

Fruit Belt Access for All (FBA4A)

Program Overview

Mission: Ignite has launched the Fruit Belt Access for All (FBA4A) Project to bring a community-based internet platform to the Fruit Belt. Our first goal is to create free community internet throughout the Fruit Belt with residences that need them most while training community members to build and maintain the local network. We also have aspirations to build community understanding and support for community-governed internet.

Now Hiring Digital Stewards!

We seek Digital Stewards to help start this work and build community-governed wireless networks in the Fruit Belt. The program is a pilot that we hope to expand in the future. Fruit Belt’s first digital stewards will work with local technologists and organizers to install a community wireless internet network using CBRS technology.

If you are interested, please complete a brief Digital Stewardship Application.

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